My coworkers

22 March 13. [link] PDF version

I work with lots of statisticians. Here are a few, all of whom I recommend following:

Jerzy Wieczorek: Jerzy's blog is a pretty generalist statistics blog. He gets around the city, and often writes about meetups and other such events--he's how I found out about the recent data drives at the World Bank. He's also a twitter, whom you can follow @civilstat. I'm @b__k, btw.

Chris Blakely: he does time series, which is a somewhat foreign world to me. The methods are more oriented toward Fourier decompositions than fitting the parameters of bell curves. Chris has put a lot of work into writing new computing tools for the application of time series methods, which he applies to financial series. Even his diagrams are pretty awesome.

Josh Tokle: he is more a mathematician and computer geek than a statistician. You can tell because he wrote the blog in a blogging platform you've never heard of, though his first few posts have been on statistical topics. His diagrams are a awesome in a diametrically different way from Chris's.

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